The World’s Most Famous Dog Breed

In each country, different kinds of animals exist. But, not all animal species can be found in every country. In other words, some of the animals cannot be found in other countries. For example, hippopotamus and wild boar may exist in your own country, however, it doesn’t exist in other countries. It is the same with dogs. Not all kinds of dog breeds are found in all areas or countries in the world. Of course, some dog breeds can be found in other countries because it was imported.

But, let us look into the world’s most famous dog breed. Dogs are the bestfriends of humans. So, most people have a dog as their pet.

Labrador.This dog is also known as Labrador Retriever. In the United Kingdom and United States, you can find these kind of dog breed everywhere.

Golden Retriever. Just like the Labrador dog, this dog breed is very intelligent. This dog is originally found in Scotland.

Yorkshire Terrier. This breed of dog is one of a kind. It’s like a cat that catches rats. Amazing! This dog breed originated in England.

German Shepherd. This is commonly seen in different countries. But, it actually originated in Germany. That’s why it was named as German Shepherd. It is also known as a working dog.

French Bulldog. This dog is a result of cross-breed. Bulldogs that came from England and local ratters in Paris. This is actually a very cute dog perfect as a pet at home. You can also have these kinds of dog breeds at home.