List of Smallest Dogs in the World

Here are the smallest dogs in the world having a weight that does not go above 10 kg.

Chihuahua-This kind of dog is the smallest dog breed in the world. It has a rude looking eyes and they have short and thin hair. They are the smallest among the smallest but the most naughty dogs like small but terrible ones. They bark as if they are very big and they hate visitors as if they are beautiful. This is a Mexican dog breed.

Yorkshire Terrier-This is an English dog breed that is next smallest to Chihuahua. It has almost the same appearance with Shih Tzu but Terrier comes in different colors.

Pomeranian-Next smallest is thisĀ  breed. It is a German breed that is so cute and adorable worthy enough to become a toy dog.

Papillion-The appearance of the this dog pronounce its name. When you look at it, the long hair dropping from the top of his hair shapes a butterfly which means papillion.

Toy Poodle-This is a very cute dogs that really looks like a toy. It’s appearance is just like a toy and there is not much things to do with it because it is so small and it does not bark at anything else that looks strange.

Shih Tzu-Another kind of a small dog breed that is so playful. It is known for its fluffy hair and no single hair falls down unless you cut it. This is why there is no problem when sleeping with their master because there is no hair to sweep off.