The seven types of animals that migrate to warmer regions during winter

One of the activity that those who live in the earth do is to migrate. It is because of different circumstances that people and animals chose to migrate to other regions or even continents. For humans, it is because of the living conditions. If they cannot endure the kind of weather then they go to other countries or they cannot find any work or living conditions is very hard. It is the same with the animals. They also migrate to other areas or countries to survive.

In the infographic above, the situation presented is about the citizens of Canada whether humans or animals. Humans also feel the harsh condition that the weather brings. There are those who cannot tolerate already the winter season and so they go to warmer climates. It is also the same with the different kinds of animals. In the infographic, they presented the six kinds of animals that migrate to warmer areas before the winter season begins so they could still survive and live and then returns after winter finished.

The dubbed snowbirds are the people who migrate to other areas like Hawaii to let the winter season pass before they go back to their place. Thankfully they are still given the coverage of healthcare even if they had stayed and extended there stay in international land or area. There are people who cannot endure the cold and that is why they make alternative so that they can still stay in their home country most of the time.