Dogs having a Beautiful Face

What is your favorite dog? Most people who love animals usually have their dogs at home. When they go out for jogging in the morning, we can see that they have their pets with them. It’s actually a beautiful scene to see a person bonding with his or her pet. There are many kinds of dog breeds all around the world. But, we will look this time about the dogs having a beautiful face. What makes a dog beautiful or handsome? Look at the list below.

Siberian Husky. Some of you might have this kind of dog breed originally found in Russia. If it’s a man, we can say he’s handsome. But, although this is just a dog, it’s still handsome!

Chow Chow. When you see this dog, you will surely agree that it has a beautiful face. Just look at its cute facial expression and thick fur that adds to its good looking face!

Border Collie. When this dog is well-trained, people will surely have the impression that this dog is very obedient which is true. It’s easy to train this kind of dog because of its nature. It has also a good looking face!

Shih Tzu. This kind of dog is seen everywhere in the world. Do you know why? Simply because it’s a very cute dog with a beautiful face!

Maltese. This kind of dog is quite similar with that of the Shih Tzu because it’s really a cute dog which is small in size. Unlike the Shih Tzu, in terms of color, Maltese dogs are only color white. Their hair or fur can grow until it can reach the floor but you can find it cute for sure!